Advice on claiming tax relief on R&D activity


MPA – Providing further advice for CEA members on claiming tax relief on R&D activity

Following up the Power Hour webinar last year, MPA has produced a guide for companies in the construction equipment sector providing guidance on how to explore the potential to claim tax relief on their R&D activity. A link to this guide is below.

Guide: Claiming R&D tax credits as a CEA member

When people think of research and development (R&D), they often picture large international corporations or specialist science, tech, or pharmaceutical companies – this simply isn’t the case.

With approximately £200 million per year invested in R&D, there’s plenty of innovation within the UK construction equipment sector. Some of this activity could qualify for the Government’s R&D tax credit scheme, designed to incentivise and reward this work.

Whether you’ve reduced the lifetime cost of a vehicle or optimized a production process, it’s always worth checking if you could be eligible. Many thousands of pounds go unclaimed each year; money that could be invested back into R&D.

CEA partner MPA has created a guide for companies to learn to recognise qualifying activity and eligible costs within your business, ensuring your R&D receives the funding it’s entitled to.


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