CE marking to be accepted in GB through 2022


Following extensive lobbying from industry, the UK has decided to extend the acceptance of products complying with EU regulations until 31 December 2022. This means that manufacturers who currently place CE-marked goods on the GB market will have an additional 12 months in order to obtain their UK approvals and apply the UKCA mark.

One of the main reasons for this extension is the lack of availability of UK approved bodies whose services are in some instances required prior to manufacturers being able to UKCA mark their products. This lack of availability had been made very clear to the UK regulators, with industry pointing out that manufacturers were finding it impossible to gain the necessary approvals in time for the original deadline. The UK has relented and granted an additional 12 months for this changeover to occur.

The latest UK guidance, which has been updated to reflect the new deadline, can be found here.

Rob Oliver, Chief Executive of the CEA said, “Good news that CE marks will now be accepted on the UK market through 2022. Inevitable as no proper mechanisms in place to get meaningful UKCA badges.”


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