CLC ConstructZero seeks Business Champions

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has a campaign ConstructZero to showcase actions being taken across the wider construction industry on decarbonisation in response to the climate emergency. Part of this campaign is to identify “business champions” from across the industry.  The very first priority is of direct relevance to construction equipment manufacturers.
Opportunities exist for CEA members to be identified as business champions, highlighting the contribution that their products can make towards the UK achieving its net-zero target. Business champions will be selected by CLC on the basis of an interview that is to be submitted by interested parties. Interviews should be based on responding to the relevant questions (see link below) and can be captured in writing or by video.
Interviewees are encouraged to provide photos and diagrams to illustrate their story; a concise response to the questions would be beneficial. Two types of interviews are envisaged one with an established business leader, e.g. senior company executive, and the other to an emerging leader, e.g. a talented and enthusiastic younger member of a company.
The interview and company logo of those who are awarded the accolade of business champion will be featured on the CLC website and winners will be invited to speak and share their stories with peers and Government stakeholders. This is an ongoing initiative, with a new business champion being announced on a monthly basis.