David Civil Engineering opts for another Volvo reduced swing excavator


Somerset based David Civil Engineering Ltd has opted for another Volvo reduced swing radius excavator for its expanding plant fleet – this time in the guise of a Volvo ECR235DL.

David Civil Engineering is no stranger to operating Volvo Construction Equipment products and has a mix of both wheeled and crawler excavators ranging from the sixteen tonne EW160C to the thirty tonne EC300 along with a couple of mini excavators and A25 articulated haulers. “We certainly appreciate the build quality and reliability of the machines we’re currently operating,” says Managing Director Shane David. “More recently we have found the reduced swing models to be very adept for the typical work we undertake involving detailed tasks in quite confined spaces. We already run a Volvo ECR145 but wanted a larger variant to tackle the work on our latest projects and settled on the Volvo ECR235D,” he continues.

The ECR235D reduced swing excavator is equipped with a Stage IIIB 6 litre Volvo engine producing 172 hp which operates in conjunction with an advanced mode control system ensuring the maximum possible hydraulic horsepower available is delivered at a constant engine speed under varying load conditions. Equipped with a 5.7m monobloc boom and 2.5m dipper arm, the maximum reach is a generous 9.5 metres and lifting capacity across carriage at full reach is an impressive 3.1 tonnes. The machine’s balance and stability is enhanced thanks to the fitting of 700mm track pads and dozer blade giving an operating weight of 27.5 tonnes.

The ECR235D supplied to David Civil Engineering has been equipped specifically for the typical contracts the company undertakes and includes a dozer blade, hammer-shear circuit and at the business end, a Steelwrist X26 rotator. To facilitate the addition of the tiltrotator quick hitch and a selection of attachments, the machine has been fitted with a 2.5m dipper arm.

The Steelwrist X26 is a very powerful tiltrotator featuring a heavy duty design and the power needed to work with excavators with an operating weight of between 20 and 26 tonnes. The design ensures a smooth operation in both tilt and rotation which puts the operator in full control of the action.

To get the most out of the X26 and the ECR235D, Volvo utilises the Steelwrist X Control system which is the most versatile on the market. The Steelwrist X26 complete with a front pin locking quick coupler has also been equipped with a four finger gripper unit making it even more versatile. It can be used to pick up and move heavy objects eliminating the need for additional lifting equipment. The X26 is always equipped with one extra hydraulic outlet so additional hydraulic attachments such as selector grabs or tree shears can be connected.

David Civil Engineering Ltd is a Civil, Structural and Earthworks contractor based in the South West of England. The Company has a wealth of experience in highway construction, bridge strengthening, in situ and precast reinforced concrete, earthworks, drainage, groundworks and environmentally sensitive schemes. Like many of David Civil Engineering’s excavators, the new ECR235DL has been fitted with a state of the art 3D GPS machine Control System from Leica. All of their earthworks schemes are “stakeless” – digitally designed in house giving the operator an unprecedented level of information from within the cab, which in turn, delivers greater efficiencies and a safer job site. “We are always looking for the latest technology” says Shane David. “The ECR235 is a great example of how we specify our machines – GPS machine control, Steelwrist Tiltrotator and shorter stick, along with all the normal optional extras make for a considerable investment over the cost of a standard machine. The resulting savings in time, material costs and machine versatility far out way this initial investment, and give us a marked advantage over our competitors,” he continues.



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