Futureworx – a collaboration with Plantworx and The Supply Chain Sustainability School


The Plantworx team are collaborating with The Supply Chain Sustainability School to deliver a new  technology and sustainability showcase – Futureworx

The CEA, hosts of the Plantworx construction exhibition, has joined forces  with The Supply Chain Sustainability School to deliver a future technology event – Futureworx. The new event is taking place on the 30th and 31st of March 2022 at the East of England Arena, in Peterborough,  and will showcase the latest in technology and cutting edge innovations to make the workplace safer, smarter and more sustainable, as we head down the road to net-zero.

The event will focus on people plant interface management, telematics, the connected site, GPS systems, safety systems and advances in autonomous and electric and hydrogen machinery. The show aims to highlight sustainability, productivity and advances in future fuels such as hydrogen, electric and HVO.

This new technology showcase was first mooted by engaging with Plantworx stakeholders asking ‘what they wanted to see at an exhibition’ and indeed if they were ‘ready to attend live events following the COVID pandemic’. The results from the survey were quite clear with the majority of respondents saying they were very keen to get ‘live, interactive and in person’ events back on track.

The Plantworx team followed this survey, conducted by Gobby Surveys, up with a Twitter poll and autonomous vehicles, machine technology and alternative fuels were at the top of the poll.

Futureworx will bring together industry professionals keen to find out what is in the pip