GAP Group is on board with the CESAR ECV Scheme


To further show GAP Hire Solutions’ commitment to becoming net-zero by 2040, the hire company has been fitting the CESAR ECV Scheme to all new ride on plant purchased from October last year.

ECV (Emissions Compliance Verification) is a clear and concise system to make it easier to identify the emission stage of a machine.

With the emergence of Low Emission Zones and ‘green’ construction sites, the industry as a whole is increasingly looking to the environmental impacts of construction work and how to reduce them. CESAR ECV, the only official registration scheme for construction machines, is a positive step in the right direction to do so. It is a fantastic asset to companies that are required to complete large-scale projects and manage multiple contractors in ensuring the plant used on site is as clean as possible.

The tamper-evident colour-coded labels provide a quick reference point, with a QR code that can be scanned to bring up a database of detailed machine information, allowing site managers to ensure they are meeting the strict, new emission standards on their sites.

Site staff rely heavily on plant hire companies to provide information on a machine before work commences onsite. Without ECV, this is difficult to keep track of throughout a project. With ECV, the mix of the easy to read, identify and scan colour coded label and a secure database on the machine’s vital information makes this task much easier.

Installing the ECV Scheme on all relevant plant in its fleet, across every one of its locations throughout the UK, GAP is pleased to be making its customers’ lives easier while also working toward its goal of becoming net-zero by 2040, helping its customers reduce their environmental impact in the process as well.


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