Herbst Tiefbau opts for the new Hyundai HL955A wheel loader

Herbst Tiefbau is a civil engineering business run by Christian Herbst and his six-man professional team – the company operates in Epfach, which is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Germany.  “Your civil engineering partner in the foothills of the Alps” – is how Christian Herbst describes his business.
For the first time in the company’s history – Herbst has ordered a brand-new Hyundai HL955A wheel loader based solely on the advert and data sheet for the machine, from Hyundai dealer, Fischer & Schweiger GmbH in Zusmarshausen.   Herbst said, “I was confident enough to place this order based on the datasheet as I have known Georg Schweiger of Fischer & Schweiger for many years. We have been doing business together since 1996 and things have always worked out well.”
The company needed a new wheel loader for road construction, work in gravel pits and loading construction materials. Herbst chose the latest model of Hyundai’s A-series, equipped with a stage V engine. The new star of the fleet arrived in January 2020, with a standard bucket, central lubrication and rock tyres. The machine operates for around 400 hours a year at various job sites.
Christian Herbst often operates the wheel loader himself and is very pleased with its performance, he said, “I operate graders, wheeled excavators, including Hyundai machines,  and wheel loaders myself, so I am familiar with the workings of all machines. With this knowledge I know first-hand how good the (Hyundai) machines have become in terms of hydraulics, electronics and ergonomics. I am very satisfied with the new Hyundai HL955A. The 2.8m3 bucket is perfectly suited for our operations, and with a weight of 15 tonnes it can easily be transported to the job site on our low loader without needing a special permit.” Herbst Tiefbau GmbH operated in applications including earthworks; sewer, road and cable construction; paving and asphalting all outdoors.
Christian Herbst has earned IQ certification from the Bauen mit Innungs-Qualität association and is a member of Qualitätsverbund umweltbewusster Betriebe (QuB), certifying that the company complies with the environmental management requirements of DIN EN ISO 14001. Herbst emphasises: “Fischer & Schweiger also handle our maintenance, and I know that if something goes wrong on a Friday evening, a technician will be on-site within two hours. Fischer & Schweiger have never let me down – so of course, I am happy to purchase a machine that I have not seen with confidence.”
1.     New Cummins engine platform
1.     Stage V compliant and environmentally friendly
2.     Smart Power mode
2.     Fuel efficient
3.     Modified cabin interior & operator controls
3.     Excellent operator comfort:
more comfort & less fatigue
4.     Remote door control (optional)
4.     Improved safety
5.     AAVM camera system (optional) & Rear Radar Detection
5.     Improved safety and visibility
6.     New engine hood design
6.     Improved safety and visibility
7.     Axle, linkage &
MCV improvement
7.     Improved uptime & productivity
The Cummins B6.7 engine, with the all-in-one exhaust aftertreatment system, brings many advantages to the brand-new wheel loaders. The engine is Stage V certified and is also easy to maintain thanks to its diagnostics connection to Hi-Mate, its long service intervals and the DPF. The exhaust aftertreatment system does not require manual DPR regeneration.
Fuel efficient thanks to Power Smart Mode
The IWM (Intelligent Work Mode) menu allows for three engine modes – Power, Power Smart and Economy – to provide full engine power or reduced fuel consumption, depending on the application. Power Smart Mode results in reduced energy losses and an average of
3% – 5% fuel savings. In addition, engine power is optimised to deliver higher torque at lower rpm.
Excellent operator comfort
The spacious operator cabin features an electro-hydraulic, ergonomic joystick to comfortably control all functions of the mast. Joystick steering is optional. The premium seat comes with
a four-way air suspension (up/down and front/back), and the fully adjustable armrest results in higher operator comfort and less operator fatigue.
AAVM & Rear Radar Detection
Hyundai A-series wheel loaders are equipped as standard with a rear-view camera. The optional AAVM four camera system takes safety to a higher level. It informs the operator when people or hazardous objects are detected. The camera system comprises two major features: AVM (Around View Monitoring) and IMOD (Intelligent Moving Object Detection). Four cameras film on each side of the machine, enabling the AVM system to offer a 360° overview of the machine’s surroundings. IMOD indicates all movements around the machine.
Technical data
  • Model HL955A
  • Engine Cummins QSB6.7
  • Net power 149 kW
  • Operating weight 15,100 kg
  • Tipping load 11,580 kg
  • Bucket volume 10 to 3.2 m3

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