Hydrogen fuel cells lights for snow train event


TCP is delighted to announce its hydrogen fuel cell light towers are once again helping to light up Painshill 18th century landscape gardens festive event.

The major tourist attraction in Cobham Surrey was so impressed by the efficiency and virtually silent operation of TCP’s Ecolite TH200 hydrogen fuel cell light towers at its last festive event, it has ditched diesel yet again opting for this innovative cleaner air solution. The temporary light towers will help to light up the car park and paths as visitors arrive for the Santa’s Snow Train and Crystal Grotto event.

Simon Meades, TCP’s Product Manager, who introduced the light towers to Painshill last year wants to promote this equipment to other outdoor tourist attractions and encourage the use of hydrogen fuel cell as an alternative to air-polluting diesel generators;

“The Ecolite TH200 produces zero emissions at the point of delivery, eliminates noise pollution and risk of fuel spill, all very important factors especially for environmentally sensitive venues like Painshill. The units, which use Prismatic Lens technology also reduce light pollution and unwanted glare which reduce disturbance to the wildlife and neighbouring houses.”

The feedback from Painshill last year not only highlighted the efficiency of the product but also the positive comments from visitors about the quiet operation of the light towers. Steve Roach, Head of Visitor and Commercial Operations at Painshill comments;

“The team at Painshill is always looking for ways to reduce our emissions while ensuring the security and contentment of our guests. Especially those coming to events after nightfall like Santa’s Snow Train. The Ecolite TH200 does a brilliant job at lighting areas such as our carpark without increasing our carbon footprint or disturbing local wildlife.”



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