New Cat® Hydraulic Connecting CW couplers for excavators deliver fast and safe attachment changes with less spillage


Building on decades of field success with the CW coupler platform, Caterpillar announces three new Cat® Hydraulic Connecting CW (HCCW) coupler models. Connecting seamlessly to the machine’s hydraulics, HCCW quick couplers allow operators to switch between hydraulic attachments with full functionality in seconds from the safety of the cab.

Compatible with any Cat hydraulic attachment, quick changes with the HCCW give the operator the ability to use the right attachment for the job, increasing overall productivity and tool utilization. Fast attachment swap outs with the hydraulic connecting interface can help save time over static couplers or pin-on attachments. The field proven CW coupler platform is built to last and keep costs low.

The new HCCW20, HCCW30 and HCCW40 quick couplers work with a range of tool carrier capacities, from 7.5 to 27 tons. Each model offers a standard 10-ton lift capacity, and exclusive Locking Control System feature and sensor technology measure locking wedge position and indicate coupling status to the operator. Complying with the European EN474 standard, multiple electronic and mechanical measures help to secure the attachment, even in the event of pressure loss. Visual and audible confirmations inside the cab inform the operator of successful attachment connection.

The new design features enhanced hydraulic flow to reduce hydraulic restriction, minimizing heat build-up and reducing the amount of engine power required for operation. Machined and sized for high-flow performance, the couplings ensure hydromechanical attachments operate to full capability with limited back pressure. Their reliable hydraulic fluid connections help to prevent spills when changing the attachment, while the quick-disconnect design helps improve the lifespan and facilitates servicing ease.

Customers with existing Cat excavator fleets using CW hinges do not need to retrofit their machines to use the new HCCW quick couplers. Fabricated tools, such as buckets, can seamlessly switch between existing CW and new HCCW couplers. New Hydraulic Coupling (HC) brackets allow the use of existing hydromechanical tools like shears, hammers and grapples with the HCCW.

Internally routed hoses in the coupler and bracket protect against damage and reduce overall hose and repair costs. They leverage the trusted quick-coupler platform with the addition of proven, durable and high-performing male and female quick disconnects located in the coupler and the attachment bracket. The cover lid and sealing provide added protection for couplings and prevent hydraulic system contamination.


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