PC Ian Thwaites secures his place in the CESAR Champion club!


Experienced police constable Ian Thwaites becomes the newest member of the CESAR Champion club.

Having served as a PC at the Port of Dover for over 24 years, Ian has extensive experience at identifying plant and machinery using the Official CESAR scheme. He has used CESAR technology and the CESAR secure contact centre hundreds of times over the years to identify machines at the port, ensuring any stolen items are identified.

Ian has been involved with the CESAR since its launch in 2007, having attended one of the first meetings to discuss creating a Scheme to identify plant and machinery quickly. “I’ve always had a major interest in the detection and recovery of stolen vehicles of all types…. I believe that CESAR is a really effective tool and the assistance provided by the 24-hour call centre is fantastic” exclaims Ian as he collects his award “It’s nice to have recognition for just doing my job! Thank you for the CESAR Champion pin.”

The CESAR Scheme, which is powered by Datatag technology, is a multi-layered system that includes tamper-evident warning and registration plates, RFID transponders, a microdot identification system comprising between 500 and 1,000 microdots which are scattered around the machine, and forensic DNA.

Once fitted, these technologies are almost impossible to remove, and when the machine is registered on a secure CESAR database, these unique details are accessible to the police 24/7, enabling them to identify any machine at the roadside. The CESAR website also has a ‘hot button’ to instantly report stolen machinery.


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