RSP UK launch new training and testing facility


RSP, the UK’s leading manufacturer of suction excavator systems has launched a new training and testing facility at their UK headquarters. The company was launched in the UK in 2016 by Lloyd and Charlie Gardener and is going from strength to strength.

“We want to continue to provide the best service and encourage our industry to increase safety standards for the future.” Said Lloyd Gardener company director “We were absolutely thrilled when NOCN approved us a Construction Part Competence Scheme (CPCS) Test Centre and we believe in CPCS becoming the construction industry’s preferred accreditation. I am proud to be a member of the SAVE (Suction and Vacuum Excavation) board alongside other suction excavator companies and we are all working together to pave the way for the future of our industry.”

The new facility will provide training and crucially, live testing for all operators that wish to enhance their skills and safety when using their suction excavator. RSP UK are open to working with all trucks, businesses and industries. Lloyd Gardener said “it is important to us that our training and testing facilities are available to all suction excavator operators not just our clients. We are very serious about raising the industry standard and would encourage all owners to invest in training and testing not just to ensure the best use out of their excavator but also to establish the correct safety standards for your team.”

The CPCS A78 Vacuum Excavator test will cover two parts, a theory test where the operator must be able to show sound knowledge and understanding of the machine and its features. Followed by a practical test which will assess their operation of the vehicle and several safe manoeuvres. Training prior to testing is expected to have been completed in advance. The benefits of the test include reducing risk and increasing safety which both providers and customers will benefit from.

RSP UK’s manufacturing is based out of Germany where the team are innovators in developing suction excavation system technology and creating additional features that will enhance operator and site use. Later this year RSP are set to launch a cutting edge product that will optimise the performance of the trucks as well as manage maintenance and care proactively. The technology will be a first for the UK market, Lloyd Gardener comments: “We are looking forward to the launch of our new system, everything is top secret at the minute but I can reveal that we haven’t seen anything like it in the UK yet. As soon as we can, we will share more information on the product but safe to say we are very excited.”

Please contact RSP UK direct for further details on training and testing: 0844 543 4575


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