Technologies to leverage maximum growth potential

Technologies to leverage maximum growth potential – it’s all a question of trust
Messe München have been on a growth path for many years. And to expand this position still further Messe München have set some specific objectives as part of its Strategy 2021. Klaus Dittrich, CEO & Chairman Messe München GmbH said, “We can only achieve some of these objectives by increasing our investments in digital technologies and tools.”
Klaus  continued, “Data is the new gold” is the description of our new business model. As an exhibitor and/or visitor to our events you have probably also experienced the challenges of digitalization. And at the same time you will certainly have recognized the potential for your own market.
In order to secure “data gold” new areas of responsibility have emerged be-cause how long would our business models survive with the loss of data sovereignty? As decision-makers we must have the answers to these ques-tions and we must assume responsibility for situations which will ensure the future of our companies. As part of this, all management and employ-ees in our organizations must come to terms with these issues and become more aware of them.
In light of this at Messe München we have recruited a CISO as a security officer and the entire management team have participated in a Manage-ment Awareness training course which increased the awareness of cyber risks and threats. This is because cybersecurity is not a pure IT issue but a business necessity which requires that humans update their knowledge in their dealings with these new technologies..
What can we do for you? We warmly invite you to experience the subject of “Enterpreneurship in the age of digital transformation” at Command Control – The Leading Summit for Cyber Security from September 20 to 22, 2018 in the ICM – Internationales Congress Cen-ter München. But of course it is not only technology that is at stake here. You will also obtain the specific toolset you need to secure the foundation of your business
Leading international experts and opinion leaders from industry, academia and politics will give us insights into successful projects and offer interac-tive workshops and discussion rounds. Subjects covered will include the implications of the EU-GDPR on companies, the incorporation of employ-ees into security strategies and the correct measures to take in the event of a security incident. Our program configurator will enable you to design your own individual summit experience to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your visit even if you are only attending for one day.
We are starting proceedings on Wednesday September 19, 2018 at a joint Pre-Event at Munich Airport. Networking will play an important role during the entire congress period. Therefore on the last day I would like to take advantage of the opportunity to exchange findings with you in an informal atmosphere at the Oktoberfest and round off the Summit in the true Bavarian tradition, so we have re-served an area exclusively for Command Control participants in the Schottenhamel tent.

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