Clearing the way for the Forestry Hyundai High-Walker

The Hyundai High-Walker (HW) crawler excavator is specifically designed for demanding forestry work, the factory-built machine has the capability to work like a Trojan in challenging and tough environments.
Leigh Dalgleish, sales manager, Agritrac Exports, who is Scotland’s Hyundai distributor explains why Hyundai’s forestry high-walker is never stumped while working in the woods. “The Hyundai machine has a clear advantage over its competitors machines in that all of the models are ‘factory-fitted’ with full-length track guards, which fully cover the roller frame and prevents, for example, large wood-waste, entering the tracks – this makes the machine practically ‘bombproof’!’
Leigh added, “To retrofit the tracks and convert another machine to this spec would cost in the region of £4k to £5k and it certainly wouldn’t be as safe – factory-fitted is always far more beneficial from both a safety and cost perspective.”
Another advantage of the Hyundai HW is that the machines are supplied on 800mm pads which is the ideal width of a pad for a forestry machine. Leigh continued, “The 800mm pads are the optimum width for stability and gives the machine extra ground pressure – so it doesn’t sink when working in very muddy and boggy conditions, which is often the case, with forestry work.  If you went any wider with the pads – the machine would get caught up on surrounding stumps.
The actual width of the machine overall is 2840mm, other brands of machine are over three metres wide.” Explained Leigh. “Over three metres gives you a disadvantage when you are ‘stumping’ as it’s too wide.  There’s also a disadvantage from a transport perspective, as to move a machine over 2.9 metres from site to site – you would need a ‘transport order’, which adds to the cost and reduces profit margins further.”
Leigh concluded, “The ground clearance on the high-walker is 600mm to the turret plate, which enables the machine to clear the height of the stumps with room to spare. The machines full ground clearance, from the floor to the underside of the excavator, is an impressive 1200mm.”
The Hyundai high-walkers are available in a range of sizes ranging from 14tonne to 30tonne – the most popular model is the 14tonne HX140HWC, which is powered by a Cummins QSF 3.8, 95 kW stage IV engine.  Hyundai is planning on introducing a stage 5 (A series model) in the near future, however, a date has not been confirmed.
The HX140HWC has proved to be reliable and the fuel-efficient engine is complemented by Intelligent Power Control to maximise performance in any conditions. The cooling system is designed for optimal airflow and easy cleaning, while the exterior is reinforced for added durability.
The machine also benefits from a comfortable cabin which ensures excellent visibility, while the optional AAVM (All-Around View Monitoring) system acts as an extra pair of eyes to enhance on-site safety.
Other options available for working in a forestry environment include factory fitted front guards and top guards. Reinforced belly plates, manufactured from 6mm Hardox Steel, and ram guard protection are also retrofit options.  Side skirt protection is only available on 20tonne machines and above.
For further information contact Leigh Dalgleish at Agritrac Exports on 07384 118641 or email

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