Engcon introduces automatic hydraulic connectivity as standard


Engcon, the world’s largest manufacturer of tiltrotators, will be offering its EC-Oil automatic hydraulic attachment system as a standard fitting on its twin-hitch products.

This means that when you want to disconnect the tiltrotator – for example to use a breaker; dig narrow, deep trenches or shift large volumes of earth the EC-Oil option allows you to do so automatically. You don’t need to get out of the cab to tackle tricky electrical connectors and hoses. What’s more the system is now available at no extra charge.

Engcon is the only tiltrotator manufacturer in the world to offer an automatic hydraulic system as standard.

“Hydraulic attachments and twin-hitch tiltrotator configurations are increasingly popular in the excavator market, so for us it was a logical step to put the two together as a standard product. It’s an innovative step for Engcon, and a great leap for the excavation industry”, says Stig Engström, Engcon’s founder and owner.

From May 2018, Engcon will deliver the Q-Safe 60 machine hitch, fitted with the company’s EC-Oil fully automatic hydraulic coupling when ordered in conjunction with the DC2 control system, as standard. This also applies to the company’s tiltrotator/DC2 control system top brackets, allowing the connection and disconnection of hydraulic, electrical and central lubrication between the two.

No need to leave the cabin to connect hydraulics

 “The latest design of our popular EC-Oil connectors is the most robust and effective yet and it was a natural progression to standardise these in the twin-hitch tiltrotator configuration.

Engcon’s automatic connector blocks allow you to quickly and easily connect hydraulics, power and central lubrication systems between your excavator and tiltrotator without leaving the cab. EC-Oil can be easily retrofitted as a system, and its simple installation makes it the most user-friendly of all hydraulic connection systems, with huge benefits to on-site safety.

“You can take full advantage of the excavator’s full power and stability when you need it, or use the tiltrotator’s flexibility when required. With EC-Oil, you don’t need to compromise anymore – you can have both,” explains Stig Engström.

Engcon’s offer includes an EC-Oil block with two hydraulic couplings; a central lubrication valve and an electrical connection – all that’s needed to connect the technical features of an Engcon tiltrotator.

“Because we make all of our own kit, you have just one manufacturer to call – unlike most of the hybrid systems on the market today. One call, and one contact, provides you a complete solution”, concludes Stig Engström



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