In case you missed it – the Power Hour on R&D Tax Credits


Tuesday’s CEA Power Hour on R&D Tax Credits was a real success. The webinar was both useful and thought-provoking and many of the companies that participated discovered that they could claim for R&D Tax Credits, but had not realised this before joining the webinar. It’s always good to be able to claim more tax refunds from government!

The slides from MPA can be found on the CEA website here. The recording of the Zoom can be found on the CEA’s YouTube channel – here.

Future Power Hours include:

  • 23 September – Mitigating Supply Chain Risks Under COVID-19 – Department for International Trade
  • 21 October 2020: Global Impact, Markets in the Time of COVID Caterpillar and Off Highway Research
  • November: Brexit – Deal or No Deal, Export / Import Considerations – Malcolm Harbour CBE and your Export Department.
  • December: Hydraulic Controls – Machine Automation, HUSCO
  • January: HS2- Plans, Policies, Opportunities
  • February: Digitalisation – Construction Equipment Applications  

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