The 2023 CECE Summit – 26th October 2023


The overall theme of this year’s event is cyber security, one of the priority topics for the industry. In light of European Commission’s Cyber Resilience Act – aiming to improve the internal market’s functioning by introducing new horizontal cybersecurity requirements for connected products and associated services – the scope of the initiative is notably relevant for construction equipment manufacturers, as it covers a wide range of digital products and their ancillary services placing obligations on economic operators throughout the whole life cycle of products.


KEYNOTE SPEECH on the EU Cyber Resilience Act, shaping Europe’s digital future
POLICY DIALOGUE on the implementation of the Act and its impact on the construction equipment sector
INSPIRATIONAL INTERVENTION on how hackers think and act, ways to improve industry’s reactions to cyber-crime


Join the CECE Summit to have the opportunity to discuss the key topics for the construction equipment industry first-hand with European Institutions’ representatives. The CECE Summit is a unique occasion that gathers a blend of business leaders, EU decision-makers, partner organisations and journalists to discuss fundamental challenges and opportunities for our industry.


The 2023 edition of the CECE Summit will in the beautiful vintage car museum in the middle of Brussels’s EU area –