CanTrack quantify the home game effect.


Yesterday’s  England and Wales match, the first such event in a major football tournament, was widely forecast to bring both nations to a near standstill with newspaper predictions of a 10% drop in the day’s productivity as blue and white collar employees alike followed the game on TV, radio and the internet.

Leading telematic solutions provider CanTrack, who’s sophisticated software collects millions of datapoints a day from vehicles, has examined yesterday’s data and concluded that driving activity slumped by a whopping 42%  for van drivers during the match, and 16% for the working day across all vehicle types, compared to normal levels of commercial and industrial activity.

CanTrack’s Asset and GPS telematic systems are used in thousands of vans, heavy commercial vehicles, and industrial and construction equipment giving a good cross section of users to measure the true effect of the home nations match that narrowly ended in a win for England.

CanTrack’s Managing Director, Peter Thompson, who initiated the data analysis by his Milton Keynes based team comments, “On a positive note it wasn’t just the pitch that was green as the dramatic 16% drop in activity translates into a calculated saving of 88,000 miles of travel, by just own user base, which will have saved approximately 3,150 tonnes of carbon from polluting our air.”



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