HD Hyundai launches HRB series hydraulic breakers


HD Hyundai is adding to the versatility and productivity of its extensive line of wheeled and crawler excavators, with the introduction of a range of silenced hydraulic breakers. The HRB Series hammers are packed with innovative features to provide efficient performance and high-impact energy.

  • Six models for excavators from 1.2-26 tonnes operating weight
  • Box housings reduce noise levels, making the breakers ideal for urban job sites
  • Ultra-high-grade working tool materials deliver maximum durability
  • A urethane damper prevents carrier machine damage and wear
  • Standard two-year manufacturer’s warranty

HRB breakers are available in six sizes, with varying specifications available on larger models. All feature a silenced box housing, to reduce external noise levels, making them suitable for use on urban projects. They have a urethane damper to prevent vibration being transmitted to the carrier machine, reducing wear and improving operator comfort. The front head assembly also incorporates a bushing to reduce shocks from the working tool.

High-quality steels are used in the main cylinder and in the piston, with an advanced heat treatment process delivering best-in-class service life for the main through-bolts. A choice of high-grade tools includes a conical moil point for demolition, concrete and hard ground. A pyramidal moil point can be used for trenching, general excavation, asphalt, quarrying and reinforced concrete. The flat wedge chisel is also ideal for trenching and general excavation work, along with mass excavation in quarries and for reinforced concrete demolition. Lastly, a blunt flat end is designed for block splitting, compacting abrasive materials and concrete slab demolition work.

Several options are available on the two larger breakers. All HRB140 and HRB250 models come with auto greasing through a front head grease hole and a cylinder head grease hole. HRB140 and HRB250 models can also be ordered with anti-blank firing technology. The HRB250 is available with a nitrogen gas accumulator in the back head section, increasing the impact energy of the piston.

The HRB030 is designed for mini excavators with operating weights of 1.2-3.0 tonnes. The breaker features an impact rate of 700-1,200bpm. The HRB040 is for 2.5-4.0 tonne mini excavators and boasts an impact rate of 600-1,200bpm. Machines weighing 4.0-7.0 tonnes are suited to the HRB050, which has an impact rate of 500-900bpm and the HRB060 works with 6.0-9.0 tonne machines, offering 400-800bpm impact rate.

For larger excavators, in the 10-15 tonne class, the HRB140 delivers 350-700bpm. The HRB140 is offered in three specifications, with auto-greasing, with anti-blank firing or with both options. The largest model in the line-up, the HRB250, is designed to work with 18-26 tonne machines, It has the accumulator and auto-greasing as standard, plus it can be had with anti-blank firing if desired.

All HD Hyundai HRB Series breakers are delivered with a choice of two chisels and they come with a standard two-year manufacturer’s warranty, guaranteeing peace of mind for customers. Though designed to deliver ultimate performance with the A-Series range of HD Hyundai excavators, the HRB breakers can be used with other manufacturers’ carrier machines, to suit customers with mixed fleets.



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