New study: over a third of construction using ‘immersive tech’


A new report on construction’s digital transition has revealed that 36% already use ‘immersive tech’ such as AR, VR, and MR within building projects, 22% use AI and machine learning, and usage of digital twin technology is up by 50% since 2021.

NBS’ 2023 Digital Construction Report surveyed over 700 construction professionals, from architects/engineers and other consultants, contractors, clients, and suppliers, revealing that the industry’s use of technology is growing. However, despite this increase in usage, nearly half (47%) are concerned the industry is behind the times and 36% of respondents worry that they will be left behind when it comes to digital know-how.

With 26% saying that construction has finally found its ‘digital feet’, it suggests that the digital divide in construction could be widening between those who have adopted new technology and those who have not.

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New study: over a third of construction using ‘immersive tech’ – Construction Briefing


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