Pumps to the rescue


As the extreme weather conditions continue to cause chaos with flooding for businesses and communities up and down the country, the hire industry is being increasingly called on for vital pumping and cleaning equipment.

Morris Site Machinery’s Hilta range of centrifugal and diaphragm pumps are primed and ready to restore order and clean up in the most challenging environments.

In emergencies, the Hilta Proflow D5, a 3″ diesel diaphragm pump, available with a 24-hour running tank, proves its worth. Its compact design makes it easy to transport and manoeuvre. It will pump muddy water, sewage effluent and nuisance water and will pass solids in suspension up to 40mm. The pump is capable of running dry on ‘snore’ indefinitely so it can be run overnight for draining purposes.

David Chadwick of One Stop Hire said: “We’ve bought a number of Hilta Proflow D5 Pumps from Morris Site Machinery and have been impressed with how effective they are. Our customers know these pumps can be relied on to get the job done.”

The Hilta Proflow Sprite D50 Petrol and the Hilta Proflow Sprite D50 Diesel pumps are both compact, flexible options suitable for solids and muddy water. They have 2” diaphragm pumps and can run dry without causing damage to the pump end. The D50 Diesel has a 5.5 litre fuel tank capacity.

The biggest pump in the Hilta range is the Hilta Proflow C150, a diesel powered 6” super-silent vacuum-assisted pump. It can be fitted with a skid base or a road-towable trailer making it easy to transport. With a huge output of 330m³ per hour, combined with 75mm of solids handling, it can handle almost everything thrown at it.

Hilta pressure washers also come into their own after floods. The Hilta Hyperwash 3000D diesel pressure washer, for example, is easy to move, built with a protective roll cage and has four large wheels suitable for tough terrain.

Richard Denholm, UK Sales Director, said: “It pays to be prepared for emergencies and not be caught out when recovery work gets underway. Flooding and unpredictable weather conditions do happen and with serious consequences. It makes sense to invest in rugged and reliable equipment that can provide organisations and people with the practical help they need at a time of crisis.”

For more information on Morris Site Machinery’s range of Hilta pumps and hot and cold industrial pressure washers  visit www.morrismachinery.co.uk or call 01902 790824.


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