SANY UK & Ireland and Xwatch Safety Solutions – elevating safety through collaboration


In the rapidly evolving world of construction and machinery, maintaining safety standards while meeting customer demands is crucial. A collaboration that captures this synergy is the relationship between SANY UK & Ireland and Xwatch Safety Solutions. This partnership represents how leading industry players are placing great emphasis on ensuring operational safety, while also ensuring customer preferences are met.

At the heart of this collaboration lies the customers’ trust in Xwatch as their top choice for safety solutions. While many OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) come with their own in-built safety systems, there’s a reason why customers specifically ask for the Xwatch system: its unmatched reliability and performance in height, slew, and RCI (rated capacity indicator) systems and the compatibility with Leica Geosystems, further adds to its credibility and appeal in the market.

It’s evident from the choices of major industry players, tier-one contractors, and plant hire companies, who will specify their requirements for both Xwatch and Leica on their SANY machines. This demand is