Webtec’s mechanical hydraulic tester offers increased flow capacity


Webtec, a global leader in the design and manufacture of hydraulic measurement and control products, is expanding its entry-level RFIK mechanical hydraulic tester series for the measurement of flow, pressure and temperature. The new RFIK270 displays an increased flow capacity of 270 l/min (70 USg/min), while pressure drop across the unit also sees a significant reduction.

Webtec offers a broad selection of hydraulic testers, from 30 to 800 l/min maximum flow. Applications at the lower 30 to 200 l/min range can take advantage of the company’s RFIK hydraulic testers. However, some customers are now requesting higher flow rates above the previous 200 l/min maximum for the RFIK series. This requirement is due to the ease-of-use provided by entry-level testers and the higher cost of more advanced solutions, which Webtec also offers. Alternatives in the entry-level segment of the market do not offer the same level of functionality as Webtec’s RFIK series.

Typical applications for RFIK hydraulic testers include agricultural and simple construction machinery. However, recent trends are seeing these machines getting larger in size and adding more functions. Notably, maximum flow output has increased significantly over the past few years, now delivering upward of 200 l/min. Hence Webtec’s development of the new RFIK270.

In addition to increased flow capacity, the RFIK270 features a modified load valve that significantly reduces pressure drop across the unit. According to tests completed using ISO32 mineral oil at 40°C (32cSt viscosity), the new tester reduces pressure drop by approximately 12 bar (174 psi) at maximum flow (270 l/min), equating to a reduction of circa 35%.

Like existing models in the series, the RFIK270 comprises of a direct-acting reverse flow indicator (RFI), built-in thermometer and a loading valve with pressure gauge. Calibrated from 20 to 270 l/min, the RFIK270’s substantial flow range ensures engineers can quickly, accurately and easily service or commission hydraulic systems.

This cost-effective, self-contained tester requires no electrical power or batteries, helping to simplify and expedite the precision testing of pumps, motors, valves, steering systems, cylinders and complete hydraulic circuits. It also allows reverse flow, although no measurement takes place (flow needle will indicate zero).

Installing Webtec’s new RFIK270 is extremely simple: it connects into either the pressure or return lines. Once fitted, the loading valve and pressure gauge allow sensitive, progressive and controlled accumulation of system pressure across the working range in complete safety. Indeed, an internal safety protection system protects both the hydraulic circuit and operator against accidental over-pressure in both flow directions. The system features two internal safety discs that relieve at 420 bar (6000 psi) without external spillage. A cartridge houses the safety discs, which are easily replaceable. Each RFIK270 comes with spare discs.


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