Win big in Vegas with proven materials technology


International engineering firm Nylacast will be showcasing a range of plastics at Conexpo, proven to increase performance and efficiency of construction equipment.

Specialists in the design, manufacture and supply of engineering products for over four decades, Nylacast were the first company to introduce an oil filled nylon to the market in the 1970’s, since then the company’s product range has developed into a wide portfolio of materials and products created to combat industry challenges ranging from corrosion, to wear and abrasion.

Focusing on solving current problems and eliminating future challenges, Nylacast work closely with blue chip companies and equipment manufacturers to further enhance their products and customer offering, through the use of engineering polymers over traditional materials such as steel, iron or bronze.

The inherent properties of Nylacast’s unique plastics allow them to deliver a number of advantages ranging from light weight (1/7th of steel) and low friction, through to self lubrication and chemical resistance.  The arduous environments faced within the construction sector can greatly benefit from these advantages.  With products ranging from wear pads providing increased life span and eliminated maintenance need, through to super strength crane pads with greater recovery and longevity than industry standard materials.

Advantages and benefits gained from using Nylacast plastics are often multiplied on one project.  Take for instance a simple hose clamp often found on many pieces of industry equipment.  Made from steel the clamp would still work effectively by holding the multiple hoses on place.  Made from a Nylacast plastic, the clamp still performs its core function however it is now seven times lighter, corrosion resistant and self coloured, the latter two advantages resulting in the elimination of any maintenance.  Importantly, the first advantage of lightweight resulting in overall increased fuel efficiency, with multiple hose clamps on one piece of equipment weighing up to seven times less.

This example can be applied to endless applications in the industry, delivering the opportunity for equipment manufacturers to greatly strengthen their products whilst reducing whole life costs.

Nylacast will have a team of dedicated industry engineers on booth G-73107 at Conexpo who will be available to discuss specific project or product ideas, needs and requirements.

Conexpo, one of the world’s largest construction industry event, will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Centre from the 7th to the 11th of March 2017.


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