Auger Torque Opens New State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility in China


Auger Torque, a global leader in earthmoving attachments, is pleased to announce the grand opening of its new, cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Ningbo, China. This strategic expansion marks a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and global growth.

The Auger Torque China Manufacturing Facility, spanning 100,000 square feet, represents a state-of-the-art operation equipped with the latest technologies and sustainable practices to meet the increasing demands of the market. This facility will play a crucial role in supporting the company’s mission to deliver high-quality products to its global customers.

Key features of the new facility include:

  • Advanced Technology Integration: The facility is equipped with the latest manufacturing technologies, including; welding robots, 25 customised welding bays, weld manipulators, and a three-stage prime, paint and dry painting line with 290 meter long chain, ensuring precision, speed, and efficiency in the production process
  • Environmental Sustainability: Auger Torque is committed to environmental responsibility, and the new facility incorporates eco-friendly practices, including energy-efficient systems using solar panels throughout the site and waste reduction initiatives.
  • Workforce Development: With over 100 members of staff, the company recognizes the importance of skilled talent and undertakes training programs and professional development initiatives, as well as employment opportunities for the local community.
  • Strategic Location: Only 20 minutes from Ningbo airport and 50 minutes to Beilun Port, the new location was chosen strategically to enhance logistical efficiency and reduce lead times, further improving the company’s ability to meet customer demands.

Leon Lou,