DBT launches a new version of the Ukraine Business Guide – download a copy today


The Department for Business and Trade has launched a revised and updated Ukraine Business Guide

Ukraine is undergoing rapid fluctuations in its economic and commercial terrains, presenting both opportunities and challenges for UK businesses trading, or planning to trade, in Ukraine. The updated Ukraine Business Guide will help businesses to prepare for these opportunities and challenges, spanning the operational, logistical, or institutional. The guide will also help you understand the fundamentals of Ukraine’s war economy, and how that is shaping its markets at the ground level.

“We hope the Ukraine Business Guide proves useful in revealing the key features of the Ukrainian market for you and your teams. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on what else would be valuable to include in future iterations of the guide.”

Please download the guide online https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/ukraine-business-guide-helping-uk-businesses-trade-with-ukraine


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