Intermat Paris, 24-27 April – Are you interested in a UK Stand?


The CEA has run UK Pavilions at Intermat for over 40 years. The CEA is now consulting members to assess the appetite for taking a small UK Pavilion with individual stands, or a lower cost, UK Information Centre divided into small Export PODS offering a wall panel, desk and bar stool sharing a common meeting and lounge area – as we offer at Bauma 2022. It is highly unlikely that there will be any form of UK government support for either the CEA or exhibitors, so any UK presence must be self-funded.

At Intermat 2024, the low carbon agenda will be front and centre of the show. Through five dedicated sectors, the show will bring together construction industry players focussing on innovation and new technology for the path to net zero.

Changes made for 2024 include:

  • 4 exhibition days instead of 6
  • a more comprehensive exhibition offering addressing wider and more cross-cutting themes
  • an extended ecosystem, open to new partners
  • exhibition spaces redesigned around the sector’s key challenges
  • changes made to its flagship events (INTERMAT Innovation Awards, Construction Observatory, etc.)

To help us decide if enough of our CEA members are interested in exhibiting at Intermat either with a stand or a pod please answer these questions:


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