Mecalac launches suite of site dumper technology packs


Mecalac Construction Equipment UK Ltd, a global leader in compact equipment design and manufacture, has announced a trio of technology packs to further enhance site dumper safety for operators nationwide.

Available for six and nine-tonne payload models across the Mecalac range (both ROPS and cabbed), each “Shield” pack features enhancements to maximise safety, visibility and control. Available to specify through dealers nationwide from August, upgrades will be factory-fitted at Mecalac’s UK headquarters in Coventry.

Shield – To be standard on all TA6, TA9 and MDX models from August, Shield is Mecalac’s first-stage technology upgrade pack. Key features include:

  • Start and drive interlock
  • Seatbelt/handbrake/service warnings
  • Speed limiter (factory set)
  • Idle shut-off
  • Stop/Start Control™
  • Park brake test

Shield+ – Building on entry-level features, Mecalac’s Shield+ upgrade pack adds:

  • Skip interlock
  • Tilt limit
  • Rollover lockout
  • Fuel loss warning
  • Custom speed limiter and idle shut-off (via Bluetooth and smartphone app)
  • Capture™ telematics

 Shield PRO – The most comprehensive upgrade pack available, Shield PRO adds Mecalac’s state-of-the-art Hazard Detection™ capability to all features offered by Shield+. Developed in partnership with Vision Techniques, Hazard Detection™ works in much the same way as parking sensors on a car – identifying unseen obstacles and alerting the driver.

 Launching the technology packs comes as part of a strategic drive to set the global standards in site dumper safety. Earlier this year, Mecalac launched its all-new range of MDX cabbed site dumpers, which are specifically designed to minimise risk of site incident, accident or near miss.


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